Published Work

Pink Plastic House (my poetry dollhouse chapbook)

Gardenia, The Hunter and Souvenir in On This Path We Travel, a chapbook (Moonchaps)

Poetry Demon: A Sonnet by Me and A Film by TERSE. Journal

The Sexual Hypocrite Has No Clothes & The Sound of Sadness

Hitchhiker pg 24


Paper Heart


What is Dead & When You Are Drowning In A Car & Girl With a Pen


Hot Pink, Perverted Philanthropy, Deep End, Basement Girl



Pine and Tuileries


Puritan U

Insanitea, The Mouth and Feral

Skeletons, Enchanted Hunters and Happy Princess

Little Legs


Velvet Ribbons

Good Girl, The Moment and Accidental Friend

Christian of Troy


Bedtime Story

No Other Tribute: Erotic Tales of Women in Submission (Homecomingby Scarlet)

Little Brick House & Your Dirty Secret


Basement Forest and My Beast (pages 10 and 11)

The Meadow

For Everything That Hurts, There Is a Pill & Another You & Murderess

pine queen


The Names


Because This Isn’t Love (That Much Is Clear)


Father’s Day Plans & Our Eyes Too Brown

Slender Princess

Slender Secrets & Lafave

Dirty & Pink Plastic Houses

The Weed & Pensacola/Houston

The Lonely Unicorn

My Sex Has No Safe Spaces

Slut Shame & Denial


Unbroken & Small

The Advocate


Hounds page 15

Pudding Man


First Demon

Moxy & The Gray Cat

Plastic Heads & Ghosts

Zenobia & Poppet

Maudlin Mermaid & The Slave Pages 24 and 25

Lionhearted & On Formal Slavery



Sex Doll

Good Girl Gone

Field, Sepulcher, Lick & Makeup Mirror

Morphine Means Truth

Stepford Whore, Topless Wuthering Heights & Blow Pop Love

Rejection (Translation)


V is for Virgin, Dollhoused and Belt

Sixteen page 17

Succubus & Rituals pages 55 and 57

Prey & The Flame pages 76 and 77

You’re Just His Type October 15th, 2017

You Don’t Want This (Issue #1, page 26)

Future Publications: Canvas will be published in Infernal Ink in October of 2018. Elixir will be published in Deracine in December of 2018. Veruca Wants and Temple Drake will be be published in June 2018 in Neologism Poetry Journal. Parchment Doll and A Geography of Loneliness will be published in Moonchild Magazine in April of 2018.. Canadian Psycho will be published by Lonesome October June 15th, 2018. Not Your Nazi Doll will be published by Rise Up Review in July of 2018. Vortex & So Much Darker will be published by The Mystic Blue Review in May of 2018 . Were-Mer will be published in Rag Queen Periodical Issue One in May of 2018.